Century's Laundry Pen

Losing garments is a thing of the past once they have been marked with the Century laundry marker! Our laundry marker is permanent, waterproof, & odourless. It can withstand even dry cleaning & hot washes. It is made of hard aluminum tube & has a unique needle-point tip and the dense ink which is light resistant & opaque. Conventional laundry markers fade away with few washes however due to our proprietary ink formulation, our marker remains permanent even after repeated washes. The ink content is 20 ml which is 5 times the conventional laundry markers. It is ideal for large families, hospitals, hostels & hotel industry. It works on all fabrics including cotton, polyester, denim, synthetic, wool etc.

It is recommended that the Century Laundry marker is used on fabric only and beware that some ink may spread when used on synthetic fabrics. Also, to lengthen wear and wash resistance of the marking, iron it after application.

Directions of Use:
  • Remove Cap
  • Simply press the flexible rubber ball located at the bottom 4-5 times for cold start.
  • Once ink starts to flow, you can start writing. When the ink flow reduces, gently press the rubber ball 2-3 times to start again.
  • Do not press the rubber bulb when not in use. Put cap back on when finish using.
  • Write sharp, defined & bright marks on any fabric. Perfect for marking on all types fabrics and synthetics.
  • Ideal for marking on Uniforms, Undergarments, Bedsheets, Covers, Socks, Pants, T-shirts, Shirts, Towels, Napkins etc.
  • Stays permanent through repeated washing, dry cleaning and bleaching processes
  • Easy to use and fully automatic.
  • Mark at all angles, even upside down
  • 30 ml ink content (5-6 times more than conventional fabric markers)
Drying Time: 10 minutes
Colors Available:
yellow red orange black blue green white pink violet
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Tip sizes available
  • Point No. 1: 1.2 mm Marking
Product Code yellow red orange black blue green white pink violet
Point No. 1 61201 61202 61203 61204 61205 61206 61207 61208 61209