Century's Hot Marking Chalk

Century’s Hot Marking Chalk is a unique tool to mark onto red hot surfaces. It is widely used in industrial applications for coding & identification purposes. It makes very clear & bright markings on all kinds of metals, alloys, steel etc. and remains permanent up to 1400 degree Celsius (2500 F). The markings don’t fade, char, peel or drip away from the surface. They can work on any kind of surface rough, scraped; smooth etc. The advantage of the chalk over other markers or chalks is that the marker can be used when the surface temperature of the object is very high. These chalks are used for marking metals for laser cutting, instant and inflatable markings at varied temperatures, rough surfaces of steel castings, metal forgings, stainless steel sheets, metal plates, concrete slabs, Stripped & Rolled Items, Ingots Billets etc.

  • Ergonomic size makes it very easy to hold & write.
  • Works on any kind of surface rough or smooth
  • Markings do not fade, drip or chip off even at high temperature (up to 1400 degree Celsius)
  • Markings can be made even when surface temperature is very high
  • Ideal for Metal forging, Ingots, Billets, Hot Coils, Concrete slabs, stainless steel sheets, metal plates etc.
Colors Available:
yellow red black white
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