Century's High Temperature Marker

Century's High temperature marker is an industrial grade valve action paint marker for any surface. The ink is formulated specially for marking surfaces & objects that are exposed to very high temperature & harsh environments. It is made up of a hard aluminum body filled with ink and felt-tip with valve action for smooth ink flow. The markings have to be made at room temperature & works on all kinds of surfaces including steel, metals, ceramic, glass, rubber, concrete, alloys, wood etc. The markings made by the marker remain permanent at high temperatures up to 500-1093 degrees Celsius (930-2000 F) depending on the colour. The marker works on all porous & non-porous surfaces including metal, glass, ceramic, wood, plastic, rough, smooth etc. Ideal for Iron & steel, Automobile, Welding, Ceramic & Glass manufacturers.

Tip Size: 2mm
  • Valve-action paint marker with hard aluminum body & a cap on top.
  • Permanent & Heat-proof markings on all surfaces.
  • Markings remain visible up to 500-2000 degree Celsius (930-2000 F)
  • Works on all surfaces like steel, metals, alloys, plastics, glass, rubber, ceramics, concrete etc.
  • Ideal for Iron & Steel Industry, Welding & Metal Cutting, Glass manufacturing, Ceramic Manufacturing, Automotive Industry, Power plants etc.
Directions of Use:
  • Open cap. Shake the marker well before first use.
  • To push ink press the nib a few times until you see the ink on the tip.
  • Put the cap back on after each use.
  • Avoid contact from eyes or flames.
  • Ink is harmful if consumed.
Colors Available:
yellow red orange black blue green white pink violet
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Tip sizes available
  • Point No. 2: 2 mm Marking
Product Code yellow red orange black blue green white pink violet
Point No. 2 81201 81202 81203 81204 81205 81206 81207 81208 81209