Century's Everon Pen

Century’s Everon Pen is a fine tip fabric marker used in the textile industry & laboratories for shrinkage testing of fabrics. It has a hard aluminum body filled with ink & a rubber valve at the bottom, when pumped slightly pushes ink towards a fine ball point for sharp and fine markings. It is widely used in textile laboratories and mills to check for dimensional stability (shrinkage) of fabrics with a slotted template after washing and processing on fabrics. It is similar to dalo texpen in many parts of the world. It comes with two type of tips plastic (1.5 mm) & stainless steel (1.2 mm). Ink content: 30 ml

  • Hard Aluminum body to avoid breakage, leakage & puncture.
  • Easy to use & smooth ink flow due to rubber valve at bottom.
  • Fine-tip enables the marker to fit inside the slotted templates for shrinkage testing of fabrics.
  • Markings remain permanent even after dyeing, bleaching, washing & other finishing processes.
  • Works on all fabrics synthetic, cotton, denim, wool, polyester, linen, knitted etc.
Direction of Use:
  • Remove Cap. For cold start press the rubber ball/valve 4-5 times at the bottom for ink flow at the tip.
  • Mark vertically at 90-degree angle & ensure the ball presses the surface for smooth ink flow.
  • As pressure reduces, press the rubber valve 2-3 times to continue writing.
  • Do not press the rubber bulb when not in use as it will lead to increase ink pressure.
  • Clean the tip & put the cap back on when after each use.
  • Harmful if swallowed or intentional inhalation.
  • Avoid contact with eyes. Keep away from open flame. Test before use.
Colors Available:
yellow red orange black blue green white pink violet
Note: Colors pink and violet are make to order
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Tip sizes available
  • Plastic Tip: Writes 1.5 mm wide
  • Metal Tip: Writes 1.2 mm wide using stainless steel tip
Product Code yellow red orange black blue green white pink violet
Plastic Tip 31201 31202 31203 31204 31205 31206 31207 31208 31209
Metal Tip 31301 31302 31303 31304 31305 31306 31307 31308 31309