Century's Plastic Marker

Century’s Plasti Marker is a unique marking device for permanent & fade-proof marking on all kinds of surfaces. It’s a heavy duty marker with 2 mm ball-point tip. The tip is available in plastic & stainless steel. The heavy duty tip enables the marker to mark onto any surface without any damage or leakage compared to conventional felt tip markers. The viscous ink is specially formulated for bright & opaque markings & remains permanent even during harsh conditions & chemical aggressions. It is used to mark on woven sack bags, cartons, rolls, plastic drums, auto parts etc. The ink content is 60 ml & it’s available in collapsible aluminum tube.

Size: 2mm
  • Bright, Opaque & Permanent Markings on all surfaces
  • Heavy duty Tip enables marking on any surface without being damaged or leakage
  • Withstand chemical aggression & heat resistant up to 120 degrees
  • Ideal to mark on Cartons, Rolls, Chemical Drums etc.
Directions of Use:
  • Remove Cap. Shake the bottle before use.
  • To refill, just open the bottle from the top, fill the ink & close tightly.
  • Put the cap back on after each use.
  • Store in dry place without direct sunlight.
Colors Available:
yellow red orange black blue green white pink violet
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Tip sizes available
  • Plastic Tip. Point No. 2: 2 mm Marking
  • Metal Tip. Point No. 2: 2 mm Marking
Product Code yellow red orange black blue green white pink violet
Plastic Tip. Point No. 2 151201 151202 151203 151204 151205 151206 151207 151208 151209
Metal Tip. Point No. 2 151301 151302 151303 151304 151305 151306 151307 151308 151309