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Century's Paint Marker is a bottle type refillable marker with a long metal tip for smooth flow on ink and neat writing. It produces a permanent, bright and opaque mark on metal, porous or semi-porous surfaces which are weather-proof. The unique ink can penetrate trhough grease, oil, rust to give a weatherproof marking which can withstand any tpye of metal processing.

Applications Of Century's Paint Marker:

  • Automobile Industry, Construction, Raliways, Navy, Ship-building, military, workshops, metal and plastic industry ( to mark on mould and dyes)
  • Squeeze flow control
  • Supplied with standard head (2.5mm) line width
  • Heads are replacable and can be refilled by Century Inks ( 1 litre gives approximately 22 refills approx)

    For more details and placing an order for metal marker feel free to contact us at centuryink@sify.com or info@centurymarkers.com


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