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Metal Marker is a Permanent marker for making weather proof marking for industrial purpose. The markings made by the marker wont chip/peel/fade or rub off and it can withstand heat and weathering under adverse conditions. Its made of up aluminium tube filled with ink with a stainless steel tip for making smooth and neat markings on any metal surface.

It is ideal for marking or drawings on any surface, whether wet, oily, dry, steel, casting wood, cardboard, glass etc. The marker can also write under water. The marker will be available in tube type (toothpaste) marker and pump-type i.e. rubber valve marker. It is available in box packing on 10 pcs and even single pcs blister packing.


  • Remove dust from surface to be marked.
  • Hold the marker vertically and press the ball to surface and draw codes.
  • Steel ball at the tip is for sealing, wipe off when found dry to restore the flow.
  • Clean the tip and replace the cap after each use.
  • Use before 12 months for better result.
  • Do not fold the tube to avoid leakage and breakage.
  • Harmful if swallowed or intentional inhalation.
  • Avoid contact with eyes. Keep away from open flame.
  • Please test before use.

    For more details and placing an order for metal marker feel free to contact us at centuryink@sify.com or info@centurymarkers.com


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