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? How to use Century Markers?
» Please keep markers upright while writing. Press ballpoint soflty on clean surface.For knitted & raised fabrics use point no 3 & 4 tips.

? What is speciality?
» Century Marker is specially developed for marking on all kind of grey cloth canvas, cotton, hosiery, silk and synthetic fabrics

? How do we get maximum output?
» For best result squeeze tube from the bottom and flatten it as you go up. Put on the cap after use immediately

? How many colours available?
» We supply all standard colours on regular basis. White, Yellow, Red, Green, Blue, Black, Orange.

? What about shipments?
» Generally we maintain such a inventory level to meet the demand from users. We positively deliver the goods as per terms and condition of business, trade and commerce.We maintain our production lines of all products above the requisite level which ensures our valuable customers timely delivery of their confirmed order.

? What shall be done in case of ink coming out of the nozzle ?
» Leakage may occur due to misuse /due to balls coming out. In such case it can be rectified at your own end by just replacing the new replacement head that is available free. However, in case of any manufacturing defects from our side, markers shall be replaced for free

? What are the various packaging available?
» There are various packs available to suit all needs, please have a look at the details.
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